Trained with renowned practitioners, Myriam Beaugendre worked in Paris for fifteen years as a psychologist and psychotherapist, in hospital and in practice. It was in Paris that she met her husband of Dutch origin, Sebastiaan Metselaar, a former aerospace engineer. Tired of defending big contracts, he gave up everything because he couldn’t make sense of his life. And then came the Amazon adventure.

Initiated to shamanism

“Suffering from a serious heart disease that medicine could not treat, I went to the Peruvian Amazon to be treated by a healer,” says Myriam Beaugendre, now healed. Initiated in turn to shamanism and to the knowledge of plants, the Parisian psychologist was given a land, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, 20 km from the first city (Iquitos) so that she in turn heals. It was in 2010. An experience that she recounts in her book “Take care of the soul”, published by Éditions du Seuil, in 2017. The work gave rise to numerous press articles and Myriam Beaugendre notably was invited to the France 5 program “Le magazine de la santé”.

The ideal place

The couple thus shared their time for a long time between Peru and France, before settling in Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu (44), from where they began to prospect to find the ideal place for their project. . “The Ty Provost campsite met all our criteria: a peaceful place surrounded by nature, a 10 hectare forest, close to the sea, a train station and accommodation to accommodate around thirty people,” lists Sebastiaan Metselaar. Added to this, the contact with the former owner, Jean-Yves Nicolas went “wonderfully well” and the family (they have two children attending the Pierre-Douguet eco-school) quickly integrated into “ the endearing life of Dinéault ”.

In search of meaning

It is in this soothing environment, now called Talmadenn (heartbeat in Breton), that people who are going through crises, feeling the need to come face to face with themselves, are welcomed. With a network of therapists with whom Myriam Beaugendre has worked for a long time, the candidates for plenitude come from all over France but also from Belgium and Switzerland. “They are people from all professional backgrounds, in search of meaning to give to their life, victims of burn-out or people seeking to resolve depression or addiction problems”, presents the psychologist. To help them, it is inspired and adapted by the teaching that was transmitted to it in Peru.

A bridge between medicines

“For a week, people find themselves alone, cut off from the world, and eat a diet, combined with decoctions of local plants. I don’t work as an herbalist. These plants essentially have symbolic virtues: the strength of rooting for the oak, the opening of the heart for the rose, etc. », Explains Myriam Beaugendre, for whom the basis of the diet is introspection. At the same time, she provides psychological support to support groups. “I am not in opposition to the doctors because I work with them. If people have treatment, they sue it. I intend to make a bridge between ancestral and modern medicine, ”she defends.


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In summer, in the absence of a group, accommodation is available for rent.

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