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—We want to make visible the problems that women suffer every day in our country and throughout the world.

This is how they define their intention for this March 8, Women’s Day, the Psi.ntoma team, made up of psychologists María Celina Vincent, Malena Salgado and Talía Galván.

Psi.ntoma is a project that emerged during the quarantine by a group of friends and colleagues, received in Bahía Blanca, with the aim of promoting the importance of mental health in the context of a coronavirus pandemic.

This space is developed through social networks, where the girls transmit information on different topics related to psychoanalysis, thus creating an interaction with the public.

For Women’s Day they created a video with the theme Song without fear, by Vivir Quintana, in which women appear saying a part of the lyrics with various feminist distinctions that reflect the struggle of women.

—We want it to be a date to question saying “happy day” and rethink attitudes that lead us to build the society in which we live in a negative way. We decided that the protagonists of this project are our mothers, sisters, friends and colleagues, that is why we chose a song that reflects through its lyrics the different realities or situations that women go through simply because they are, it is something that exceeds generations and borders – they explained to The new one. the professionals

The group of psychologists understands, from their training and psychoanalytic perspective, that when dealing with patients who suffer gender violence, it must be accompanied to achieve a change in the subjective position, that is, stop being that person who suffered violence reaching new tools during that process, which, they explain, is a long way to go and requires listening, supporting and understanding the person. As mental health professionals, they say, they seek to deconstruct the thinking and position of the subject.

—There are many ways to help, from psychology, a victim of gender violence, but it seems that nothing is enough because there are more and more femicides, which reflects the existing flaws in public prevention policies. We are in a constant struggle because we need justice to act on time, and for women’s complaints to be heard – they detailed.

At the same time, they consider fundamental a judicial reform with a gender perspective that allows professionals in the area of ​​psychology to support and protect the victim, implementing continuous and mandatory training to all institutions, with the aim of raising awareness, sensitizing and preventing gender violence.

—The intervention must be integrated and we must be trained in this problem in order to then have tools in the moments that it is necessary to act. We seek to make visible the importance of spaces for listening, preventing and caring for people who are victims of gender violence. There is a 24-hour free telephone line, 144.

By way of conclusion, psychologists suggest that violence is a social problem, so it is necessary that we all question ourselves about the ways of acting. Review and remove the sociocultural patterns that lead to gender inequality and power over women.

—Let’s think, for example, what happens every March 8? What do they give us? What is the media saying about this day? The answers to these questions refer to symbolic violence – they propose.