November 21, 2020 19:06

A new personality test went viral on social networks and consists of observing the silhouettes to discover the secrets of your unconscious.

test psicologico 3 - Psychological test: observe the silhouettes and discover what is in your unconscious
(Photo: iProfessional)

A new psychological test It went viral on social networks and generated a real revolution among users, who shared their responses.

The purpose of the personality test es observe the silhouettes within the following image to discover secrets of your unconscious. You dare?

test psicologico imagen completa 369x400 - Psychological test: observe the silhouettes and discover what is in your unconscious
(Photo: iProfessional)

What do you see first? A psychological test that will help you rethink things about your personality

The answers


If you saw whales within the image it means that there may be latent fears in you that you cannot face. You are feeling that there is something that threatens you and that becomes an obstacle. It is important that you see what direction your life is taking and evaluate if it is really what you want or if it is just the easy way. Getting in touch with your deepest fears can be difficult, but in the long run it will make you stronger.


If you think that what you saw in the silhouettes corresponds to plants or vegetation, you are probably an optimistic person, who sees an opportunity in every circumstance of life. This will help you to work for what you want and not let yourself be defeated by life’s adversities.

What color of rainbow do you prefer? The psychological test that says a lot about your personality


If you did not see anything in the image, it is because reason dominates your mind and you operate on the level of consciousness. This can be useful for making quick and pragmatic decisions, but it also has its downside, as it can lead to complications in reaching a good understanding with others. Try to make an effort to let your mind go further, to open its parameters and incorporate new paradigms.

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