PSA – Fiat-Chrysler wedding: fears or hopes – France 3 Regions

The numbers are impressive: the new group will employ 410,000 employees, produce 8.7 million vehicles a year for a turnover of 170 billion euros.
PSA will open the US market, and, above all, will reach the critical size for heavy investment, especially for the electric car.
But in case of duplication, unions fear job cuts.

So, we will try to answer this question: does this marriage give rise to fears or hopes?

For the debate, as guests:

  • Didier Klein, professor at the UTBM (Technological University of Belfort-Montbéliard) and head of Nord Franche-Comté Industrie
  • Jérôme Broussard, General Secretary of the CGT in Sochaux
  • guest waiting for confirmation

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