Production of the BMW i8 reaches 20,000 copies – France

Started in 2014, production of the BMW i8 has reached an important milestone, that of the 20,000 units produced. Ironically, it is a copy of the latest series of the model, the BMW i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition, which is this 20,000th model produced. This series is limited to a total of 400 copies, with the program 200 Coupé and 200 Roadster, and numbered cars.

It is a German customer who will own this 20,000th i8 to be built, in Coupé version. That means that he spent at least 140,000 euros to get it, or even more, since this special edition will surely have a special price. The Roadster, for its part, was available at a price of around 160,000 euros in basic version. Production will continue until April 2020, when the latest Ultimate Sophisto Edition will roll off the production lines.

Equipped with a carbon fiber monohull, the model has never achieved the profitability hoped for by the brand, and that is what is costing it its end of career with a mixed success in terms of sales. Its rechargeable hybrid engine, based on a three-cylinder turbo and developing 374 horsepower, didn't make it a thunderbolt, but the 570 Nm of torque and a weight limited to a ton and a half allowed it to display good performance while by being able to run electric under conditions permitting.

Unfortunately, the wave of compacts with similar power did not help this car halfway between GT and supercar to establish itself in a market where it had no direct rival, especially in terms of price. Still, it presented a unique "mouth" and marked the first steps of the German brand in cleaner technology applied to performance. Fortunately, it will be replaced by the model that will be taken from the Vision M Next concept, which should partially resume the look of the i8.

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