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Alfa Romeo and the 4C is now over. Indeed, the manufacturer has just formalized the discontinuation of the production of its small sports marketed since 2013 in Coupé and 2015 version Spider. If production stops, it remains in stock, all registered and available, but there certainly will not be for everyone since there would be a score in the French network. As a reminder, the Alfa Romeo 4C is powered by a four-cylinder turbo developing 240 horses. It stands out above all for its feather weight with only 895 kilos on the scale. We had taken the wheel there a few months ago to enjoy, for the last time, so unique sensations that offer the little Italian.

Farewell the small sports?

The discontinuation of production is clearly in line with the brand's new strategy, which has just announced the abandonment of its sports projects to streamline the range. Despite the Giulia and Stelvio, Alfa Romeo is going through a period of turmoil, especially in Europe where the brand is not present in key segments, ie small SUVs and city cars. The Tonale, which will arrive by 2021, will surely restore a little order in all that, but Alfa Romeo is still absent from the market of city cars since the shutdown in 2018 of the MiTo. In terms of compact, the aging but still attractive Giulietta will remain in the catalog throughout the year 2020, but it should not have a replacement, unless …

The PSA group as a saving hero?

Unless the PSA group, under the impetus of Carlos Tavares, comes to put his grain of salt. The merger between PSA and FCA seems on track, and this could change the situation for Alfa Romeo, which could take advantage of PSA's technologies to expand its range, especially in Europe, where the Italian firm is suffering. Be that as it may, at a time when the rational is now part of the strategy of all manufacturers, especially to face the legislator and environmental issues, Alfa Romeo will have to take a turn 180 degrees.

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