To say that the facies of the new BMW 4 Series animates the debates, the word is weak. At the best of times, fans of the brand are confused. Especially for the M3 and M4, which some consider disfigured by the huge hypertrophied grille. Those may be interested in the proposal from the tuner Prior Design, with an easier to look at grille.

Ransacked, monstrous or just brilliantly daring? If BMW has decided to make the buzz by giving the air of Morse to the new 4 Series, the operation is a success. Including for the M4, even less discreet, or the M3 which adopts the same grille. The variations around the double bean, BMW's signature since the brand has existed, have taken in recent years an ostensibly provocative turn.

More beautiful than the original, according to internet users

Paradoxically, a tuner could this time find a positive echo with purists. In general, the attempts of preparers and craftsmen of all kinds are rather criticized by fans of a model. Especially Prior Design, not really known for its restraint in the creation of its body kits. This time, the approach is surprisingly sober since it involves offering a new front face in the M3 / M4 duo, with a much more traditional grille, which we discover on still virtual renderings to this day.

We thus discover a double bean inspired by the grille of the Series 8 and X2, with inverted trapezoidal contours. For the moment, no price has been communicated, nor a marketing date. Prior Design simply announced that in view of the largely enthusiastic feedback on social networks, this project of "corrective tuning"will have every chance to see the light of day.