PPG trains its trainers for Mercedes-Benz – Workshop decision

In close collaboration with and for the premium automaker, the paint manufacturer organized specific Mercedes-Benz training at its headquarters in Hilden for PPG trainers from major Western European countries.

PPG trains its trainers for Mercedes Benz Workshop decision - PPG trains its trainers for Mercedes-Benz - Workshop decision
The five-day joint training took place in late February. PPG trainers from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia met at the PPG site in Hilden. (© PPG)

Reaching the highest level of auto repair, this is the reason why the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and the paint manufacturer PPG work in close collaboration and this, in a global way: this is how specific training Mercedes- Benz for PPG trainers from major Western European countries was held at PPG headquarters in Hilden.

This long and close cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and PPG has always been aimed at improving quality and training standards, which are an integral part of the new concept of international qualification for painters. A week-long training for PPG trainers (“Train the Trainer”) kicked off this initiative.

" Like Mercedes-Benz, PPG attaches great importance to the implementation of high quality products and processes in the industry "Said Carsten Seyer, Director of Senior EMEA Business Development for PPG. " As one of the few global automotive repair partners from Mercedes-Benz, we are proud to support this new training concept for painters. "

After this 5-day training, PPG trainers are certified to Mercedes-Benz’s extensive repair standards so that they can pass their knowledge on to painters and qualify more trainers.

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