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In order to bring competition closer in the years to come, a system of limitation of aerodynamic development has been introduced (it will come into force from next year). Clearly, a well-ranked team will have the right to less development time in CFDs and in the wind tunnel, while the last in the manufacturer's ranking will have more development facilities (see our article).

The 2021 quotas will be calculated based on the results of this year when Ferrari, 6th in the manufacturers' ranking, is very poorly classified. This therefore means that Ferrari could have ten percent more development time compared to Mercedes or Red Bull (12.5% ​​on Mercedes and 10% on Red Bull if Ferrari remains 6th).

This is cause for hope for Charles Leclerc, although obviously the Ferrari driver would have liked to do without this advantage.

“I think the purpose of this rule was to try to recalibrate a bit and help the teams that are having difficulty. And the point is, we're having a hard time right now, so that obviously can help us in a way. "

“I would much prefer to fight higher in the constructors' standings, already this season. But it's like that. "

“So for now, I hope we can take a little advantage of this. "

Carlos Sainz, who will join Charles Leclerc at Ferrari next year, also supports the implementation of this new rule and its general philosophy.

“I fully support the new regulations which aim to converge the grid and ensure that the teams come together. I think this is the right direction for Formula 1. "

“Whatever happens with this year's results – whether they have an impact in 2021 or not – I think that's the right direction for Formula 1. And the more the better, because the more fun the races, the more pilots will count instead of their machines. The car matters too much today. "

However, it was a setback for McLaren, who are vying for third place in the constructors' standings. Lando Norris regrets the bad timing for the Woking team!

“Obviously two or three years ago that’s all McLaren would have wanted. But I think it's good to show that we're in a position where maybe it doesn't suit us as much as others. "

That’s why the young Briton also supports this rule.

“I think it's good for the sport, it's good for Formula 1, that's what we all want. "

“Okay, maybe if we finish third in the championship it will be a negative comparison to the people behind it. But it's still a comparison to the people in front, I'm sure. So it’s the best thing for sport, the best thing for everyone. "

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