After having arrested a drunk driver behind the wheel of a BMW rented in Poland, the gendarmes are interested in a possible traffic.

The facts go back to January 23 in the evening. The Saint-Julien-En-Genevois gendarmerie platoon practices several speed checks around Neydens. As part of these checks, the police take a “powerful BMW” on the radar at 130 km / h over a portion limited to 70 km / h.

They then intercept the car, and immediately find that the 22-year-old driver does not have a driving license. They then take a blood alcohol test that will turn out positive, as well as a test for cannabis use.

A Polish rental car

But it is also the car that will hold the attention of the gendarmes: a BMW registered in Poland, which would have been rented by the driver. Suspecting possible trafficking linked to other delinquency activities, they are now investigating this case.

Via LeDauphiné