We already had a small idea of ​​what the next Aygo will look like, here it is now camouflaged in all its glory but also imagined before its official presentation.

If you have the impression of seeing the new Yaris in the illustration, it’s because it served as the basis for our illustrator to imagine the next generation of Aygo, mini city car from Toyota. By comparing with the new spy photos of the Japanese flea, we can begin to glimpse its final features. First, the future Aygo will be a little less angular than the Yaris, especially at the front. We can therefore exclude the prominent grille from the illustration, but the staged presentation with two horizontal openings separated by the license plate is found on the camouflaged prototype. If the shape of the optical units is likely to remain, we can however observe that the headlights will be a little more spaced and certainly less imposing than in the drawing. The LED light signature will be below the headlights, while two small round fog lights take place at the bottom of the shield.

With the pictures from the back, we can also see that the Aygo will have very plump hips, like the Yaris, even if the stall on the flanks should be less aggressive than on its big sister. The new shots from the stern also tell us that the lights will be vertical, like the current generation. Finally, The Aygo will be a 5-door despite the very short wheelbase and the overhangs reduced to a minimum leave no doubt as to the loading capacity of the trunk, necessarily limited. Small peculiarity of the prototype passed under the eye of photographers, the black roof seems to indicate the presence of a soft top that can be retracted. This will most likely be an option, but it’s great on sunny days!

Alone in the world

If the current Aygo is a car whose common base is shared with the Peugeot 108 and the Citroën C1, the next generation will go it alone, the French women not being renewed. In the absence of concrete technical information at the writing of this article, The question therefore arises of the platform on which the future Aygo will be based. Developing one just for it no longer fits into the cost-limiting logic advocated by its predecessor, so it is more likely that the base of the current one will be renewed for a round.

The other possibility is that it takes the platform from the last Yaris in a modified version, but to limit the purchase price, there is very little chance that it will also receive its hybrid powertrain. On the other hand, a light hybridization block may be part of the game.

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