PlayStation vs Saturn vs SNES vs Jaguar vs M2: A period report from E3 1995 –

Otto von Bismarck said "he who does not know where he comes from cannot know where he is goingAs the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X approaches, it may be interesting to look back to 1995 during the first edition of E3, when the historical players attempted radically different approaches to each other. and that Sony was about to enter the market.

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The American site Veritone shares a report from the American channel CBS shot during the very first edition of E3 in 1995. In addition to offering valuable images of this legendary show, this subject also provides an interesting reminder of the situation of the video game in the spring of 1995.

Sales of 16-bit consoles are slowing down and those of the more powerful machines already released, the Jaguar and the 3DO, are not taking off. SEGA is making a daring gamble by releasing the Saturn to certain American dealers (in the process provoking the anger of those who have not been served for lack of sufficient stocks) in an attempt to overtake Sony. The Saturn is however marketed at a relatively high price of 399 dollars.

And if Tom Kalinske, president of SEGA of America at the time, claimed that the Saturn was not going to see its price drop for a while, the situation forced them to change their shoulders. Indeed, Sony surprised during E3 1995 by announcing that when it was released in September, the PlayStation would retail for $ 299., or $ 100 less than its direct competitor. With the success that we know.

Money being the sinews of war, Atari and 3DO will both lower the price of their machines. However, these drastic price cuts will not have the desired effect. Behind the scenes, it even appears that the Jaguar is already dead during this E3 1995. As for The 3DO Company, a new console presented as overpowering, the M2 is unveiled. History will show, however, that the latter, promised for years, will ultimately never come out.

Nintendo, on the other hand, was already doing things differently. Rather than "rush"to put his"Ultra 64"(name by which the Nintendo 64 was known at the time) on the market for the end of the year 1995 holidays, the Kyoto company prefers to want to wait until the console is"ready"and plans to release it in the spring of 1996. It was this period that it was released, but only in Japan.

The Americans got it but that fall. Europe waited until 1997 (September 1997 in the particular case of France, more than two years after this report). And if the console has sold over 30 million copies, it has failed to replicate the success of the Super Nintendo or the NES.

This report therefore shows an American video game market with five consoles in direct competition. Steve Kent, a Los Angeles Times reporter interviewed in this report, says the market is not big enough to support so many machines simultaneously and only three can survive. And the facts proved him right.

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