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Optimism as a couple, because the recent improvement continues to gain ground. There is a simple explanation for this: Saturn preaches for a happy and fulfilling married life. Between your spouse and you, it will therefore be a good understanding, each having at heart to listen to the other! Single, no planet in the area of ​​your love theme. This should increase the opportunities to meet people. It will be friendly first; and if you are truly meant for each other, the story will unfold wonderfully.

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Single, you will have an irresistible charm today, and all eyes will be on you. If you wanted to, you might even meet a very lovely person. For that it will be enough to look around you! On the marital level, you will experience negative and positive influences at the same time. On the negative side, Saturn may give you tension as a couple. On the positive side, you will benefit from the support of Venus, which will on the contrary help you to smooth things over.

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The Well Aspectated Moon will bring to light some disagreements with your spouse. These disagreements do not threaten the stability of your couple, of course, but they hinder its harmony. Agree to discuss calmly, allowing the other to express their views to the end. Single, you will have a good chance of meeting love today, provided that you favor its appearance. One of the tips would be to go on a trip. But avoid organized trips: you will be very noticed alone in a foreign street.

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