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In a relationship with actress Ashley Benson, Cara Delevingne posted a video on Instagram where she poses, naked, in the arms of Olivier Rousteing in a Balmain showcase. A sequence that made his subscribers react on Instagram!

Undisputed Muse of Karl Lagarfeld, Cara Delevingne has slowly moved away from the podiums to turn to the cinema. In 2018, she meets the actress Ashley Benson on the set of the drama Her Smell, in which they embody two rockeuses. Love at first sight is immediate between the two young women, who married in Las Vegas during the summer of 2019.

A relationship based on total trust between the actress revealed in the series pretty Little Liars and the model. Cara Delevingne confided for the site Net-a-Porterto have had difficulty in trusting men. "Very young, I loved men. At five, I fell in love with my sports teacher. He married my other sports teacher, and I cried for weeks. I had a boyfriend for four years and when he left me I went out with his best friend. But that's not why I became a lesbian".

"Where is Ashley Benson? "

Yet, if there is one man in whom Cara Delevingne trusts with her eyes closed, it is Olivier Rousteing, emblematic artistic director of the Balmain house. On Instagram, the actress of Suicide Squads made a beautiful declaration of love to the one she considers her "best friend". "I love you, Olivier Rousteing. You are an eternal gift. My best friend and a talented designer. I'm so lucky to be your crime partner", She wrote, under a picture she kisses the creator.

But by scrolling through the publication, we discover a video where the stylist and the model pose in a window of the house Balmain, completely naked, the bodies only hidden under a huge shopping bag. A video shot in the heart of Paris, which obviously made people react: "And Ashley in all this?"; "I think Ashley Benson did not like this post"; "I realize it's something personal, but where is your relationship with Ashley?"That fans are reassured, all this is artistic!

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