Peugeot 607 Pescarolo, the BMW M5 killer? –

If Peugeot had dared to market the 607 Pescarolo, BMW and Mercedes might have had to worry.

The current French car market still has no large sports sedans. Admittedly, DS Automobiles has just launched the DS 9 with its 360 horsepower hybrid engine, but that's not enough to worry about a 600 horsepower BMW M5 or an Audi RS 6 which also claims 600 round horsepower.

We still remember some French attempts in the segment. Besides the Renault Safrane Biturbo, fans of the lion brand have probably not forgotten the 607 Pescarolo. Presented in 2002, this sedan paid tribute to the collaboration between Peugeot and the team of Henri Pescarolo at Le Mans, whose Courage prototypes were powered by a Peugeot V6.

Over 400 horsepower

It is precisely the V6 of the Pescarolo LMP900 proto that is found under the hood of the 607 Pescarolo, in a version with "more than 400 horsepower". Unfortunately, unlike the Renault Safrane Biturbo Peugeot will never take the plunge into marketing. The 607 will be content with its modest 200 horsepower V6 …

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