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Jorge Lorenzo is enjoying a retirement decided on the evening of the Valencia Grand Prix, which closed the 2019 season. At 32, he put an end to 18 years of motorcycle competition at the highest level. The good life was offered to the Spartan warrior who laid down his arms to enjoy the pleasures of existence. The Majorcan has made no secret of the good times he has experienced on his social network. Which extend even when buying a new car…

Jorge Lorenzo is a character who likes to catch you off guard. Once he claimed his pension rights, he shared the good aspects of his new life with the whole world. This before questioning about a planned return to the competition. Yamaha offered him a test pilot contract, which he is studying. But to honor it, you have to keep in shape. Precisely, Por Fuera disseminated reassuring pictures on his physical level.

However, do not count on him to find an ascetic life. The proof… Jorge Lorenzo had ignited the curiosity of his followers by posting a photo of a covered car on social media. Today, he has lifted the veil … To assert himself a little more like the hypercar collector he never hid from being.

Indeed, the Mallorcan posted on Instagram to reveal his new car to everyone. It's about a Pagani Huayra Roadster built only 100 copies and for which he waited 2 years. Here are the words of Lorenzo accompanying the event: " I had to wait more than two years but the wait was worth it! Proud to be one of the 100 owners of this masterpiece on wheels called Pagani Huayra Roadster. Thank you Horacio, and to all your team, for this unforgettable experience, you made me very happy. "

People when Jorge Lorenzo presents his new car to us.webp - People: when Jorge Lorenzo presents his new car to us - Media Service

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