Pelayo remains loyal to Mercedes-Benz – Workshop decision

The family haulage company Pelayo is loyal to the German truck manufacturer and proves it once again with the recent arrival of ten new Arocs 2045 4 x 2 tractors in a fleet of vehicles which exclusively features the brand's star on the radiator grille. .

Pelayo remains loyal to Mercedes Benz Workshop decision - Pelayo remains loyal to Mercedes-Benz - Workshop decision
The ten new Arocs 2045 4 x 2s will join the Pelayo company fleet, which is exclusively equipped with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. (© Mercedes-Benz)

With their characteristic "toothed" grille, these Arocs 2045 4 x 2 do not go unnoticed on the Ile-de-France sites where they work. This fleet, delivered just at the time of containment and which is added to the sixteen Arocs 4143 8 x 4 carriers and the 3363 tractor intended for the tank trailer, is indeed made up of fifth generation Arocs … even if equipped with conventional mirrors. !

Originality on the French market and a choice assumed by the boss of the company, Patrick Pelayo, who feared that this equipment would be inappropriate with regard to trucks working daily on demolition and earthmoving sites. This concern has disappeared since future trucks on order will be equipped with the famous MirrorCam technology, so much appreciated by drivers, especially in shunting.

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