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The European cruise market fully restarts Royal Caribbean Cruises and sails safely

Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line has officially started its relaunch tour of European routes recently. Its two cruise ships-“Ocean Anthem” and “Ocean Jewel” have set sail in Southampton, UK and Limassol, Cyprus respectively, marking the full launch of Royal Caribbean’s European market resumption plan.

Same journey trip launches “48 hours” short-distance travel IP

Recently, Tongcheng Travel officially launched the IP for short-distance travel-48 hours. Based on the “48 hours” in the travel scenario, the same journey will aggregate high-quality tourism products such as destinations, accommodations, and transportation, and work with many partners in the industry chain to jointly promote the improvement of service quality and industry efficiency in the short-distance travel market.

The new generation trend hotel Cook’s Club brand officially launched in China

Cook’s Club, a new-generation trendy hotel brand originating from Greece, was officially launched in China. Cook’s Club under Fosun Tourism is a trendy hotel and resort brand designed for the new generation of travelers. It is expected that Guilin Cook’s Club and Chongqing Jinfo Mountain Cook’s Club will open one after another at the end of 2021.

Make good use of data and machine learning tools to help tourism bureaus strengthen their brand advantages

(Zhong Yun/Interview Report) Although the tourism bureau industry has made great progress in measuring the performance of promotion projects, it faces the problem of making data traceable and operability in terms of brand promotion. Some industry players suggest that the use of data and machine learning tools can help tourism bureaus strengthen their brand differentiation advantages and influence.

CYTS and China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau join forces to build new hotel

On July 17, the high-end hotels jointly built by two industry giants, China Youth Travel Holding Co., Ltd. and China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd.-Hantang Hotel Zhengzhou Railway Station Store, Railway Station West Square Store and Haikou East Bus Station Store Third Store Jointly opened. In addition, Hantang Hotel Shenyang “Shengjing Memory” store opened on the same day, and Hantang Hainan Ding’an Resort Hotel is expected to officially open in September this year.