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The nice cafe racer neo-retro FB Mondial Pagani goes on the electric: the Evolution, equivalent 125, that we recognize its neon fairing, so trendy!

Recently, your favorite website presented you the test of the Mondial Pagani 300, the last evolution of the coffee racer with the so sliced ​​look! Now, in addition to Maya's presence on the handlebars, imagine the same machine: other colors, with fluorescent green / yellow in good place and a silence instead of the petarades of the small single cylinder of 249 cm3. This is the function of the Mondial Evolution, the brand's first electric racer.

Theory of evolution

Evolution is still a little theoretical, for the moment: it is only a concept, no setting in production having really been announced. We will not disperse too much on the data sheet.

For now, the Mondial Evolution has a Li-Ion battery 3.5 kWh, which is recharged in 3 hours and a half, and announces about 100 kilometers of autonomy, and a top speed of 100 km / h, thanks to its motor of 8 kW in peak (3 kW in nominal) which, curiosity, is connected to a gearbox with 6 reports. The machine weighs only 133 kilos, which is surprisingly similar to the thermal version, and has ABS.

No fare and available for now.

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