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Equipped with an intermediate power diesel, the BMW 318d does not offer services at a discount. Something to please, and not just a little, the beneficiaries of company cars …


  • Efficient and efficient diesel
  • Perfectly managed automatic transmission
  • Neat presentation

The lessers

  • High tariff
  • Very many options
  • Few sensations on board

With the rise of SUVs and the preponderance of lower segments in personal sales channels, family sedans are not favored by households. Take a look: for the 3 Series last year, the pros accounted for a whopping 87% of sales! It is therefore above all this clientele that this 318d is aimed at. Taking the 2.0 deflated to 150 hp and 320 Nm of torque from the 320d (190 hp and 400 Nm), this 3 Series offers a level of performance that is already largely sufficient. The 0 to 100 km / h requires 8.6 s and the times are energetic: with 6.1 s to go from 80 to 120 km / h, overtaking and insertions on expressways are carried out in complete safety. Previously available with a manual transmission, the 318d is now automatically associated with the excellent eight-speed automatic transmission. Aiming as closely as possible between smoothness and responsiveness, it also has the quality of quickly changing up gears so as not to unnecessarily scold the mechanics in the towers. Enough to participate in a relaxing sound environment … for a diesel of course.

Our review and measurements of the best selling BMW 3 Series - Our review and measurements of the best-selling BMW 3 Series diesel - the automobile magazine
The 318d is very sober, but less so than the 320d.© BMW

One last good point that pleads in its favor: the engine of this 318d is very sober, with only 6.3 l / 100 km on average, and even 6 l / 100 km on the road and motorway. A good score, even if its big sister 320d does, according to our measurements under the ISO 9001 protocol, even better, with an excellent average of 6 l / 100 km. Finally, of course, this 318d takes care of its CO2 emissions, since with 117 g / km in entry-level finish, it easily escapes any penalty. This value is also used as the basis of calculation for the famous tax on company vehicles, which does not exceed 234 € per year in this case.

Controlled damping to avoid

That said, those who choose this 3 Series for their personal car will also find satisfaction there, for other reasons. Tested here with its standard chassis, the German sedan has convinced us more than when it comes with piloted damping or, even stiffer, the M chassis. Perfect driving position, pleasant direction, this German seduces with its balance even if those who have known the older generations will find it too sanitized. At least this 318d, equipped for only refinements of shock absorbers with hydraulic stops (in rebound in front and in compression behind), offers a more convincing level of comfort than its high-end sisters without however making reference to its category. Likewise, roominess is average, with decent space in the front and rear and a trunk measured at 350 dm3. Finally, but needless to say, the BMW charges dearly for its propeller, with here a base price exceeding 40,000 €.

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