Our recipes to get started in the "assembly kitchen", simple and unbreakable

Guest Saturday on the show The good living table, the actress Isabelle Carré admitted to Laurent Mariotte's microphone, not knowing how to cook. To help novices like her to cook good dishes, chef Yves Camdeborde offered two simple and generous recipe ideas on Saturday. For the specialist in bistro cuisine, it suffices to turn to "assembly cuisine" which consists in "taking good products and assembling them in a very limited time". With the result of surprising recipes designed by combining seasonal products.

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A pasta salad in less than 10 minutes

The pasta salad is a classic in the kitchen. It requires very few ingredients, like the salad offered by Yves Camdeborde created from two key ingredients: a vegetable and wholemeal pasta.

Start by boiling a pot of water. Take 100 grams per person of whole-grain pasta. Choose a vegetable, such as a carrot for example. Cut this vegetable into generous pieces. In boiling water, pour the chopped vegetable and the pasta at the same time into the pot. Then count between seven and eight minutes of cooking. Drain everything in a colander without refreshing them and place it in a salad bowl. Finally add to the mixture an herb of your choice (such as coriander), a dash of olive oil and seeds (sunflower, sesame, poppy). Mix everything and add olives. Your salad is already ready!

Pear and Roquefort, a sweet and savory marriage with the flavors of autumn

Autumn is already well established. This is the ideal time to eat pears and Roquefort and even… combine them, as chef Yves Camdeborde suggests. What to cook an original dish and within the reach of all.

First, cut a pear into slices, about a centimeter thick. Cook the slices in a pan with a touch of olive oil to caramelize them. Turn the slices over to cook the other side of the fruit for just a minute. Place small pieces of Roquefort on the pear. Cover the whole with a slice of ham, if possible bought by the slice from the butcher. Let cool. It's ready !

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