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Parsley is the most consumed fresh herb by the French. (© Kucherav –

When the’summer announces itself, take it out basil. A pot on the table, close at hand, will make you want to color your tomato salads, to prepare pestos… Also always have fresh parsley available.

Besides, we love our market gardeners when they say to us: “Shall I put you some parsley?” »You can easily keep it for a few days by leaving it in the cooked, at room temperature, in a glass of water.

Know that parsley is the most consumed fresh herb in France. Flat or curly, it is very rich in vitamin C and uses it in parsley, in one tabbouleh with some leaves of mint, on a Omelette, in a garlic butter in ointment… Dare also the parsley velouté with potatoes and some onions.

The Herb Waltz

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A few chopped chives on a steamed potato and a bed of crème fraîche: simple and succulent. (© FomaA –

The chive It also has serious assets, in a vinaigrette with a simple salad, in a fromage blanc with shallot, tarragon, a few drops of sherry vinegar and a lemon juice. Top your steamed potatoes or your grilled meat …

Thedill is the best friend of fish, delicious in an olive oil-based marinade. Delicately scented, the lemongrass is easy going, pair it with lime and your exotic dishes. Thetarragon is ideal on baked potatoes or on fish. Indispensable, the thyme will accompany you all year round. Once harvested and very dry, use it in your marinades, your casseroles, your braised meats or even on an apricot pie.

The sage will bring comfort to fragile stomachs. Appreciated with marinades, fish, it will feel good on a pasta dish or a risotto. The coriander likes almost all dishes: meat, fish but also pies with this very simple recipe based on coriander and coconut milk.

A fresh blow

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Thyme tea is great for blood circulation. (© Lumixera –

It is best not to cook fresh herbs. The only exception is thyme, which comes out of its reserve when it is hot and subtly perfumes your dishes. It can also be left to infuse, it is excellent for the blood circulation.

Fresh herbs at your fingertips

To keep your herbs close at hand, there are two solutions: grow them in pots in the kitchen, in a room that is not too heated, or even freeze them in small portions in ice cube trays.