To find a little variety in car bodies, you have to get up early: there is less and less choice. Fortunately, some houses, like Volvo, are still able to put on their cards original creations rich in flavor like this V60 Cross-Country. It is also the Swedish manufacturer who, with Subaru and its Forester, invented the “break-adventurer-adventurer” niche in the second half of the 90s, followed by manufacturers like Audi with its allroad brand and more recently Ford with its Active versions. Since then, the simple but effective recipe has not changed. Take a station wagon, raise its ground clearance (by 6 cm more here), equip it with an all-wheel drive to be able to face difficult conditions then dress it all up in a suggestive panoply, with prominent wheel arches and others protective clogs (Cross Country logo, everything is in the details) and presto, voila!

More engaging than an SUV

Atypical without being as did you see me as an SUV thanks to its reasonable height (1.50 m), the Volvo V60 Cross Country stands out above all by being much more exciting to drive. More agile and precise than the vast majority of the members of the “high-legged” tribe, especially within her own family, this “CC” makes the difference as soon as the road turns. And this despite a mass which is by no means negligible, since measured at 1,920 kg on our scale. Note also that it does not suffer from the disease of the time, which affects many of our cars, with a steering that does not isolate the road. A real plus, especially for driving on slippery surfaces thanks to the all-wheel drive delivered as standard even if, of course, it is impossible in snowy conditions to ignore the appropriate winter tires. Needless to say also that despite its generous ground clearance or its electronic downhill assistance, this Cross Country is not cut for real all terrain … Like the vast majority of SUVs, moreover.

Our measured test of the Volvo V60 Cross Country - Our measured test of the Volvo V60 Cross Country - l'Automobile Magazine
When the road turns, the V60 Cross Country is more precise and agile than an SUV.© Volvo

Diesel or nothing

On the mechanical side, it’s very simple, there is no choice, This V60 CC can only be appreciated in diesel with the B4 automatically married to a convincing eight-speed automatic gearbox. If this four-cylinder equipped with two turbos and an efficient alternator-starter seduces by its going and its frugality (7.8 l measured on average), in particular on motorways where it does not claim more than 7 l / 100 km, however, it has one major flaw: its lack of discretion. Not gagging its clicks enough when accelerating, it also tickles the eardrums in slow motion, breaking the cozy atmosphere reigning on board. It is a pity that this Cross Country does not stand out from the other V60s, if only by a specific upholstery. But not enough to blame it for quality, as it does honor to the reputation of Swedish hospitality. Sleek design, easy-to-use touchscreen and above all flattering finish and materials all combine to make you feel good on board. Something to console themselves, at least in part, for a ride comfort that is too firm at low speed and that cannot be corrected by the piloted damping option, unavailable on this Cross Country with the raised chassis. Another regret, but which is not a surprise, Volvo charges its specialty at a high price: € 55,900 excluding options. A ransom that the handful of fans of the genre will undoubtedly be ready to pay.

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The atmosphere is minimalist and plush on board.© Volvo