The departure time is approaching and you dread those long hours of sitting on the plane? Don’t panic, the Generation Voyage team has prepared a list of 10 tips for a pleasant flight.

It is often said that the most important thing is the journey itself and not the destination. Yet many have dreamed of being able to teleport wherever they want. But wouldn’t that make the trip too easy and less enjoyable?

Finally, these hours that we spend on the plane are important, you still have to know how to live them in the best way. Discover our list of 10 tips for a pleasant long-haul flight!

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1. The choice of seat

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Something we don’t necessarily think about, but which can totally change the experience of long-haul flight: the choice of seat!

Who has not already heard the story from the mouth of one of his relatives, if not to have experienced it himself: ” I wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night… but I was stuck in the window and my two neighbors were sleeping so well, I didn’t want to disturb them…

So yes, the ideal would be to listen to your body and dare to annoy your neighbors. But even better, plan in advance the choice of your seat on the aisle side, so that you can get up as you see fit! Also, it is preferable to avoid taking a seat near the toilets or at the back of the plane, the noisiest area where the turbulence is also the strongest.

2. Stay hydrated

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Very often we forget the importance of hydrating sufficiently, and this already in everyday life. Except that in the air, we get dehydrated even faster than normal, did you know that?

The air in the plane is very dry and quickly dehydrates the body. So, it is better to drink a lot more than just the glass of soda offered during meals on board. The best is obviously water. Even though it is forbidden to go through security with a bottle, consider buying one before boarding the plane.

The ideal for your wallet and for the environment is to have your own water bottle. You can fill it after passing the controls, drinking water points are available in all airports.

3. Stay active

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If there is one trick that is one of the most important for a long-haul flight, it’s to get moving! Most of the time, we just get up just once or twice to go to the bathroom. But don’t hesitate to do more!

This is because prolonged immobility can cause a blood clot to form and risk venous thrombosis. To avoid this, get up regularly to get the blood flowing through your legs. Also, you can do some flexion exercises while sitting down.

For those with circulation problems, it is recommended to wear compression stockings. This will help you avoid swelling in your feet and ankles. Ideal for always having light legs despite hours spent in flight!

4. Provide comfortable clothing

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Is your favorite jeans a little tight? Avoid wearing it for a long haul flight! To have a pleasant trip, it is imperative to wear comfortable clothes. This tip for enjoying your long haul flight may seem logical, so much so that you don’t necessarily think about it.

Another very important point concerning clothing is to provide several layers, in particular a sweater or a cardigan. When preparing a summer trip to a hot country, we tend to forget that planes and airports are air conditioned, it can be very cold!

5. Have fun on board

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We often say that we don’t see the time passing by when we do things we love. So why not apply it on board an airplane? To have fun, everyone has their own preferences. In any case, the options are not lacking!

Obviously, the good old film remains a safe bet to keep busy and pass the time. Otherwise, others prefer to take a good book or magazine. Also, you can provide a small notebook as well as a specialized book on your destination, what could be more exciting than preparing for your trip?

Another idea is to listen to a nice little travel playlist in order to immerse yourself already in the atmosphere of your destination. Finally, you can also prepare a list of podcasts on topics that inspire you!

6. Use your time

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A long haul flight is one of the few times when we really have “the time”. For some, traveling and sitting for hours is just a waste of time. Others, on the other hand, choose to put these free hours to good use.

Indeed, you can take advantage of the flight to work on projects that are important to you, whether personal or professional. Let’s take an example: you are passionate about photography and you have returned from a beautiful trip to Australia with your SIM card full. This is the perfect opportunity to take the time to sort your photos and edit them on your laptop!

7. Meal on board

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Food… what’s more important? Nothing better to pass the time! While in most cases airlines serve at least one meal on board, be sure to check in advance. Indeed, it happens that the meal is not included in the trip with some airlines. low-cost, even for long haul!

In any case, we advise you to make nice little provisions so that you don’t miss anything during these hours spent in the air. Sometimes the meals served on board are not very generous, especially since your favorite snack in front of a good movie will only make the experience more pleasant!

8. Socialize!

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Finally, wouldn’t it be the encounters that punctuate our life? So yes, one of our tips for having a pleasant long-haul flight is to make friends with your neighbor. Don’t be shy!

In fact, it is very interesting to get to know other travelers, especially since time flies much faster while chatting! Also, some people may even end up offering to drop you off somewhere at your destination, if your paths are similar. It even happens that some meetings create real relationships!

9. Sleep

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Another tip to keep your long-haul flight a pleasant experience: sleep well the day before!

Indeed, arriving at the airport already tired is not advised. Because before being quietly seated in the plane, several steps must be taken. It is therefore preferable to have all your head and be reactive in order to start the journey without pitfalls. However, some prefer to arrive very tired to be able to sleep well once on the plane … it’s up to you!

For those who find it hard to really sleep on an airplane, don’t underestimate the little naps. Even when dozing, time flies faster.

Our advice? Alternate between distraction, meals and naps. You will no longer see the hours go by!

10. Practical accessories

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One of the essential steps to have a pleasant flight is to prepare your cabin baggage properly. And inside it, accessories can be very practical:

  • A spare battery: essential to keep your devices charged. It would be a shame to land in need of Google Maps without having a battery;
  • The famous travel pillow: to avoid hurting your neck too much and resting your head on your neighbor’s shoulder;
  • Earplugs: because there is always a child nearby who likes to talk a little too much;
  • A mini toiletry bag: convenient for cooling off or removing your lenses if you wear them.

To discover other practical items for a pleasant long-haul flight, do not hesitate to consult our list of the 30 best accessories for better air travel!

So, are you ready for the big start?