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Often the simplest things are the best! Prepare quick and delicious recipes with a simple box of corn.

Caught cute by children and aficionados of Mexican cuisine, corn is very popular with its sweet taste. However, we must admit, we tend to always reproduce the same recipes. If you have no idea what to do with canned corn, here are some tips that we hope will inspire you!

Corn recipes for aperitif or starter

And if you tested a Humus of another kind? Keep the same ingredients and simply replace the chickpeas with canned corn. For fans of the dip at aperitif time, prepare a " dip ", this creamy sauce in which we dip raw vegetables or breadsticks. Mix the corn with cream cheese or almond puree, lemon juice and spices.

Canned corn is not eaten as a mixed salad!

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Very simple, soup with canned corn – © Aedka Studio

For a more original entry, make a corn cream with vegetable broth, onion, sour cream and a little cornstarch to thicken. Flavor with cumin or nutmeg. Perhaps you would prefer a corn soup with more exotic accents. Replace the cream with coconut milk and add grated ginger. Sprinkle with fresh coriander.

The Corn Cakes are very easy to prepare and require few ingredients: just eggs and flour. Mix everything or coarsely mix and cook in the pan. The recipe adapts to your desires and the contents of your cupboards: cheese, lentils, tuna, ham, chicken leftovers … Add your grain of malice using spices to vary the pleasures.

In the same style, serve corn and sweet potato croquettes : mix a sweet potato puree with the corn kernels, flour, garlic and curry. Make dumplings that you will fry.

Gourmet dishes with canned corn

Nothing is faster than scrambled eggs with cheddar or a Omelette with chives and a few grains of corn. More complete, the frittata italian is prepared in two stages. First make an omelet by adding the corn and other vegetables you have on hand and depending on the season (pepper, zucchini, leek). Do not forget the onion and possibly cheese. Cook in the pan then finish the baking a few minutes.

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The frittata is a thick, well-stocked omelet – © DronG

Who says corn says Chile. Prepare a chili sin carne with a box of corn, red beans, peeled or fresh tomatoes in season, celery and carrots. Add the spices and herbs of your choice. No need for meat: served with wholegrain rice, this chili is a great source of protein.

To change risotto, serve a cornotto ! On the same principle, accommodate this risotto revisited with corn canned as you wish: carrots, peas, peppers…

Canned corn for dessert

In Mexico, we love corn and even for dessert! To make a mexican cake with canned corn, just mix it with condensed milk, eggs, butter, flour and yeast. We add a hint of cinnamon and it's a treat.

The cornbread recipe, between bread and cake

No doubt, you will love these corn muffins for which you need flour, sugar, an egg, crème fraîche or mascarpone, yeast and salt. Depending on your taste, do not hesitate to perfume with orange blossom water or a little vanilla extract.

Nothing beats a sweet treat at the end of a meal. For this, count on the corn ice cream for which you mix a can of corn with milk. Heat the preparation by adding cream. Stir continuously without boiling. Add an egg whitened with sugar and heat over low heat until the mixture takes on the consistency of custard. You can flavor with vanilla. Pass the mixture, let cool and put in the freezer.

Enjoy your meal !

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