Three years after its launch on iOS, Opera Touch has a name change and a new design to support its user boom.

capture decran 2021 03 23 a 120718 1200x777 - Opera simplifies its name and look on iPhone - Frandroid

Opera’s new quick button on iOS // Source: Opera

Since the arrival of iOS 14 and the update of the application, Opera Touch on iPhone has experienced a new craze with a 66% increase in its number of users over one year. So it made sense for the browser to make a gesture in return.

To celebrate the three years of its version on iOS, the app takes advantage of small novelties with a redesigned user interface and, above all, a brand new name.

New face for new users

When it was launched, Opera Touch was intended to be the illustration of the Norwegian company to have a version for iOS that is minimalist in its design and innovative in its interface. Everything was done with your fingertips.

With the rise of its web browser and its various variations, it is logical that the application for iPhone and iPad will become Opera, just to unify all the names on all platforms. But also to better show navigation in complete transparency from one medium to another.

This name change is accompanied by a redesign of the interface which still relies on its simplicity and fluidity, but this time is intended to be “more modern and refined”. The interface opts for a new look that swaps purple for red.

opera ios 1 - Opera simplifies its name and look on iPhone - Frandroid

Everything becomes flatter, the icons however remain round. No more shadows on information bubbles and other elements. The interface is enriched with new icons in the lower bar and a better highlighted quick action button.

New themes are also emerging for more customization. Pages, backgrounds, elements and texts have all been redesigned to give the mobile browser a boost. Other changes to the interface will be added in the coming months, Opéra has already warned, which hopes to improve “Conviviality and aesthetics” with “Something unique that no other browser available on the App Store currently offers”.

With the introduction of the default browser of your choice, Opera is accelerating its deployment on iOS to take advantage of the current enthusiasm enjoyed by its mobile browser, far from the industry leaders (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.). An outsider label that suits him perfectly.

Secure link with a PC, crypto wallet …

For this, the company relies on its small additions such as the easy and secure connection between a smartphone and a computer by simply scanning the Flow icon in the sidebar of the web version. This will allow easy sharing of notes, images, files, links, etc. without requiring tedious connection.

capture decran 2021 03 23 a 120502 1200x871 - Opera simplifies its name and look on iPhone - Frandroid

The Flow function on Opera to connect a smartphone and a PC with one click // Source: Opera

Opera also has a crypto wallet that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies or perform blockchain transactions. The wallet can be synchronized between multiple devices.

And this new version of Opera still relies on its strengths: enhanced protection, an ad blocker and cookie dialog, protection against mining, etc.

The new version of Opera for iOS is already available for download. For old users, the migration to the new version will be done gradually.