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Huawei has announced its new open-surce OS: openEuler. It is a new distribution based on centOS and designed for servers.

- openEuler, Huawei's new OS will not compete with Android or Windows - Frandroid

Gnome CentOS 7 interface for illustration // Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Huawei has just unveiled its new operating system: openEuler. As the name suggests, it is an OS open source and which, like EulerOS, is based on CentOS and is based on the Huawei Cloud and its script automation.

The source code for openEuler is therefore available on Gitee, the Chinese equivalent of GitHub. You can find there not only the source code, but also sources of more than 1000 packages, available for both x86 and ARM64 architectures.

Not a competitor of Fuchsia

By reading these lines quickly, one could imagine that if openEuler is compatible with x86 and ARM64, it could therefore run on both computers and smartphones, and therefore compete with Fuchsia, the mysterious Google OS.

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In reality, it is not. Remember that CentOS stands for "Community Enterprise Operating System" and is intended for businesses and organizations. openEuler and CentOS are Linux distributions mainly designed for use on servers. Huawei nevertheless claims to have improved performance.

Note that on the openEuler repository, two sub-projects exist: iSulad and A-Tune. The first is oriented towards the Internet of Things and services in the cloud, while the second is used to optimize system settings using artificial intelligence.

HarmonyOS for the general public

As you can see, openEuler will never replace Android, iOS, Windows or macOS. For this, Huawei unveiled HarmonyOS in 2019, its operating system capable of running on a smartphone as well as on a PC, or on IoT. At least in theory since the OS has only emerged on TV for the moment and is "not at all ready" for other platforms according to some developers.

However, we could hear about this operating system again in 2020.

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