“Open kitchen” on Saturday July 3, 2021. As every Saturday evening, you have an appointment tonight at France 3 for a new issue of your “Open kitchen” program. Be on time because it starts at 8:25 pm on the channel then in video streaming and replay on France.TV.

“Open kitchen” of Saturday June 26, 2021
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“Open kitchen”: what is it again?

An original concept around the rediscovery of French gastronomic heritage.

Cuisine Ouverte honors the heritage and diversity of French cuisine through a friendly and inventive exchange between cuisine from our regions and cuisine open to influences from around the world, led by chef Mory Sacko.

At the heart of this culinary and cultural encounter: the transmission of knowledge and reciprocal influences, thanks to the presence of local chefs and producers who will highlight recipes and products from our regions.


A region, a chef, a recipe, a guest.

In each region of France, Mory Sacko first introduces us to a product and a recipe that is emblematic of its gastronomy. To do this, he goes to meet a producer and a local chef who share their secrets and teach us how to make this recipe according to the rules of the art.

Mory Sacko then sets up his open-air kitchen, in a symbolic place of the region, its landscapes, its culture, or its heritage. This is where he reinterprets, with the influences that characterize him, the traditional recipe of the week. He is accompanied by a guest who has a special link with this region or this dish, for a moment of exchange around the cuisine and the local heritage.

For the tasting of the dish, the local chef returns to sit around the table to taste Mory Sacko’s recipe in the company of the guest and a few guests, always outdoors, in the heart of the region’s landscapes.

“Open kitchen” for Saturday July 3, 2021: tonight’s recipe

As every week our starred chef will once again make us rediscover the richness of French gastronomy and reinterpret a dish from our rich terroir!

Yes but for which recipe? To find out, see you later on France 3!

Ingredients, steps and recipe instructions

Every week Mory Sacko offers us a new recipe! During a previous unprecedented program, it was in Avignon, he had offered us a recipe based on strawberries from Provence and brocciu …

The ingredients of this recipe

– 250 g Brocciu
– 500 g Strawberries
– 50 g Dried hibiscus
– 10 g Voatsiperiferry pepper
– 50 g Dried olives
– 1 brqt purple oxalis
– 1 brqt Green oxalis
– 150 g Flour
– 125 g Butter
– 80 g Sugar
– 80 g Muscovado sugar
– Lemon juice

Instructions, procedure, different steps and training… In short, to find out what to do with all this, go directly to ➥ France.TV

“Open kitchen” is waiting for you this evening, Saturday July 3, 2021, from 8:25 pm on France 3 and France.TV to (re) discover the richness of French gastronomy …