On Android, you can now use Google Maps in "Incognito" mode

After YouTube, Google Maps also has an "Incognito" mode or private browsing. The feature was announced in early October and a few days ago, its deployment began on Android devices.

As Eric Miraglia (Google's Director of Product Management, Privacy and Data Protection Office) explains, when Google Maps enabled private browsing, "your Google Maps activity on this device, just like the places you're looking for , will not be saved to your Google Account or used to personalize your Google Maps experience. You can easily turn on private browsing by selecting it from the menu that appears when you tap the photo in your profile. You can also turn it off at any time to return to a personalized experience with restaurant recommendations, trip information, and other custom features. "

IncognitoMarketing - On Android, you can now use Google Maps in "Incognito" mode

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Google Maps can now become more discreet

On the other hand, like Chrome's private browsing, Google Maps has its limits. But at least it will ensure that if you wish, a trip will not be saved in your Google Account history.

And if for the moment, only users of Google Maps on Android are concerned, the Mountain View company is already planning to launch an equivalent for the iOS version of this application.

The creation of an Incognito mode for Google Maps is part of a Google campaign that aims to give more control to users of its applications. For example, recently, Google has also launched a feature that allows its users to give an expiry date to their personal data. This information is collected to personalize the experience, but is deleted automatically after 3 or 18 months.

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