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The Marseille club, qualified for the 16th round of the Coupe de France, did not shine for its generosity after the match against Trélissac. Explanations …

From this match of French Cup, played on Sunday January 5 in Limoges, betweenOlympic Marseille and Trélissac FC (TFC), there will certainly be the painful qualification of the Phocaeans for the 16th finals of the event (1-1, 4 tab at 2) against an amateur team of National 2, but above all a controversy: that of the meeting recipe business. A gesture not very classy. And which also indicates that the OM remains attentive to the slightest penny in these times of lean cow on the side of the Velodrome.

Thanks for amateur football!

Like the Lille players against FC Sète in 2019, the Marseillais did not indeed leave their share of the recipe to amateurs, as it is customary to do. "You will thank theOM who hasn't left us their share of the recipe. This is the third time that we have played for the Marseille club, and it is the first time that this has happened. Thank you for amateur football, "said the president of Trélissac, Fabrice Faure.

Thanks to receiving the OM

In order to put an end to this start of the fire so quickly, the Marseilles leaders wanted to justify themselves, in the evening of Sunday, in a press release: "For today's match, Trélissac benefited from a stadium of 13 000 seats and practiced a pricing policy which – if it was entirely justified – displayed prices between 20 and 35 € per seat.The total revenue amounted to almost 400,000 € before deduction of organizational costs. Thanks to hosting OM, the stadium was full and moreover, it mainly welcomed Marseille supporters, who were in the majority. It seemed fair to us that in these particular conditions the two clubs shared the recipe, especially since this trip cost OM 65,000 € ".

An answer that does not lack humor

"Fair" ? Everyone will think what they want but it is certainly not the opinion of the Dordogne club which gave a layer this Monday morning, also via a press release. A response that does not lack humor: "Following the various comments on the non-distribution on the part of the recipe and following the press release from Olympique de Marseille, here are the complaints of our President … Le Trélissac football club , offers Olympique de Marseille, to be in line with its values ​​of support for small amateur clubs, to donate its share of revenue to the Dordogne Football District, an organization managed by volunteers, serving amateur football in a region rural, including the Trélissac football club. " The affair seems far from over.

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