Now that you can travel

With the announcement of the National Government, referring to the opening of national roads for any private vehicle, more than one is preparing suitcases with the intention of traveling next weekend.

For more details you can visit: The following article.

That is why Publimotos cares about its readers and makes a small guide for those who have to move to some place outside their places of origin.

  1. Motorcycle review

Motorists who have respected the pandemic, possibly have had the motorcycle stored for a couple of months, if this has been the case, there are several elements that should be verified before starting, that is why Publimotos has a section called #TutorialesPublimotos Here you can find tips mechanical, easy enough to do at home. Here are some tips and troubleshooting for car maintenance after the pandemic.

> The motorcycle does not start due to battery problems

> Maintenance of the Drag Kit

> Brake check

> Tire pressure level

> Leaks or symptoms related to oil leaks

Do not forget to check guayas, lubricant level, screws, lights and any other mechanical element that could put the exit at risk.

  1. Documentation

The citizenship card is the only valid identification in the national territory, that is why it must always be kept inside the wallet, accompanied by its position, the driving license, badly called a pass. Verify that this is not expired, otherwise follow the steps below: Read this article

If the mechanical technical review and the SOAT have them in digital form, this is enough if some authority requires them, however, it is worth taking a physical copy, in case there is a problem in the electronic devices.

Do not forget that the traffic license, wrongly called a property card, must be the original and be in perfect condition.

  1. Equip yourself with biosecurity elements

Although we are waiting for the protocols from the Ministry of Transport, for the general activation of the same, it is certain that the mask is mandatory for the driver and the passenger; do not forget the alcohol and antibacterial gel, wash your hands constantly and take all the necessary additional measures to protect yourself and those you love the most.

  1. Check the restrictions in the places of transit and destination

According to the presidential decree, the level of risk in the cities will be measured according to the impact of the virus, if the danger is low, there will be no restrictions, if it is medium or high, the mayors will be autonomous in making decisions and restrictive measures, including curfew, isolations and non-ordinary closures; Therefore, it is better to check the websites of each of the cities and municipalities that you want to visit.

  1. Evaluate if it is really necessary to leave

COVID 19 continues to be a latent risk, especially for people who have cardiovascular problems, diabetes or any disease that affects the immune system, so, taking into account your own health and that of your family members, evaluate whether it is worth going out to travel.

Do not go out in a group, do not go on walks, and if the situation definitely warrants displacement, do so with common sense, biosecurity rules and the precautions of responsible driving.

We hope that all the recommendations are useful for those drivers who by necessity have to move, however, we must insist on the self-care measures that each person must have so that in the future, we do not return to the mandatory isolation.

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