notifications will alert you to everything that is happening in your home

Google has just presented a new feature for Android smartphones. Once activated, notifications can alert you to surrounding noises in your home such as a baby crying, a dog barking, etc.

android alertes son - notifications will alert you to everything that is happening in your home
Sound notifications on Android – Credit: Google

Android smartphones can now constantly monitor environmental sounds. When a loud or unusual sound is detected, a notification alerts you immediately and tells you what type of sound it is. This new feature is particularly useful for the hearing impaired. According to Google, approximately 466 million people around the world suffer from hearing loss.

Your smartphone can recognize 10 different sounds

Alerts can take the form of a push notification,a flash of light through the camera or even vibrations. In addition, the functionality is compatible with other devices, including smartwatches under Wear OS like the Suunto 7 which is in our opinion the best sports watch under this operating system. When a sound is detected, your watch will then vibrate and display the detected noise on its screen.

This feature does not require no internet connection. Google developed it through machine learning to make it recognize ten different types of sounds. As the user, you can choose which sounds you want your smartphone to detect. Here is the list of these ten sounds:

  • Smoke and fire detectors;
  • Mermaid ;
  • Screams;
  • Baby sounds;
  • Doorbell;
  • Knock Knock ;
  • Barking;
  • Household appliance beep;
  • Flowing water;
  • Fixed telephone ringing.

In addition, you can access from your smartphone to a history of detected sounds. For example, you will be able to see if your baby has started to cry because of the barking of the dog, which itself was caused by the doorbell in your house.

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How to activate sound notifications on Android?

You just have to download the application Instant transcription and sound notifications in the Play Store. If you have a Google Pixel smartphone, the application is installed by default and you can go directly to the next step. Go to the settings, then " Accessibility "And" Sound notifications ". From there, you can access the feature and change its settings such as the types of notifications to receive and the sounds to detect.

This new feature announced by Google directly improves user experience. The one we presented to you yesterday, however, is focused on security as it will soon allow you to receive alerts related to the security of your account in the Google app in use.

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