Norris doesn't think McLaren has 3rd fastest car –

McLaren F1 manager Andreas Seidl doesn't see his team easily threatening Racing Point for 3rd place in the Constructors' Championship.

The German is not giving up on the idea of ​​beating the RP20 here and there, but in all races he is thinking more about playing 4th place already in Ferrari and Renault F1, two serious rivals for the Woking team.

What does Lando Norris think?

"Already we can say that things are going much better than expected. Well, I'm not saying the guys at McLaren have been relaxed the last few years but we have taken a real step forward. We are in the battle to be there. best of the others but it's not easy. Racing Point is sometimes untouchable in front of us, sometimes it's at our level. "

“But I don't think we have the fastest car over the whole season behind the Mercedes and the Red Bull,” added the McLaren driver.

The mission, however, is to get 3rd place, if possible.

“Yes, we have to maximize every race. We have to take advantage of other crashes or mistakes, not to commit ourselves to try to beat here and there teams which are normally faster than ours. Or which should. be, like Ferrari and Racing Point. In order to take points from them. "

"The Racing Point is very fast, the podium must be the norm on a very fast circuit or with a bit hectic race in front. It is much faster than us and I even think that it can worry Max Verstappen and Red Bull on some races like Spa and Monza. "

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