Norris and Sainz follow McLaren team closely in IndyCar –

Lando Norris is pleased to see the McLaren team shine in the United States, while Pato O’Ward has already achieved several IndyCar podiums this year. In the other car, Oliver Askew is a bit further behind, but the team’s performance is encouraging.

"I keep an interest in all this" Norris said. "The only thing that sucks is it's always two in the morning so I have to be careful sometimes. I mean I watched, but at the same time if people know I'm up at 2 am on a race day, that's not a good thing! "

“I try to watch qualifying, on the oval it's not as interesting as on the road circuit. I'm happy for them, it's good to see the progress they have made with Pato and Ollie this year. C t is good to see the results with the podiums, we hope they can continue to live up to the promises of what McLaren can do in America. "

Carlos Sainz is equally interested in the progress of his colleagues across the Atlantic: “We have Zak Brown keeping us up to date, sending us messages. IndyCar is a category that is exciting to watch, you see teams that all have the same opportunities, and getting the setups right can send you out on top. weekend, and back the next one, which is something I love to see, and that's different from F1. "

“I think McLaren did a really good job of getting into the fight for the podiums really quickly. A good job from everyone, that they keep giving it their all like that, and we're proud of. them."

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