The Nokia X60 and X60 Pro are expected to launch later this year, according to Chinese Taiwanese media, and these two models are likely to be the manufacturer’s first phones with Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

Nokia x20
Nokia X20 – Credit: Nokia

Since its inception, Nokia Mobile has stuck with Google’s Android operating system without adding much to the user interface of its own smartphones, but that may well change on the next generation. Indeed, ITHome says Nokia Mobile is looking to integrate Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2 system into its smartphones. In addition, a series of Nokia X60 smartphones, including the Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro, are said to be the manufacturer’s first smartphones to use Huawei’s operating system.

Huawei presented Harmony OS last month and announced its arrival on its smartphones. In total, more than 100 devices will be updated with HarmonyOS. The Chinese company has already urged other Chinese phone makers to use the operating system which it claims is an alternative to the Android operating system. However, for now, the only non-Huawei product that launched with HarmonyOS is the Midea refrigerator, a product for the smart home.

What do we know about the characteristics of the Nokia X60?

The report also suggests that the Nokia X60 will featurea 200 MP rear camera, ofa high-quality curved display with an adaptive refresh rate of up to 144Hz. The latter should be powered by a large 6000mAh battery, much more than most of the high-end smartphones of its competitors.

Of course, smartphones will be both 5G compatible, but we do not yet know which processors they will use. We imagine that the high-end model could use a Snapdragon 888 or Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888+, which is an overclocked version of the standard version.

However, it is known that Qualcomm’s high-end chips are currently facing an unprecedented shortage, which is forcing industry giants such as Samsung to push back some smartphones. Indeed, we learned that the Galaxy S21 FE from the Korean manufacturer would not be released in all countries because of the shortage, and that it would not be expected before October.

Source: ithome