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Following a long-standing partnership, Nokia has just confirmed a new agreement with the Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica. The European telecoms specialist has just announced that it will equip the Telefonica network with 5G equipment.

Good news for all Spaniards, 5G in the country continues to evolve at Telefonica, one of the largest operators in the country. And this continuity will be with Nokia. It must be said that the two companies are not unknown. Indeed, Nokia has been a partner since 2018 in the development of 5G for the operator.

Additionally, the move means that Nokia will continue its long-standing partnership with Telefónica as the sole supplier to provide 5G radio technology to all of its 5G operations across Europe.

5G almost everywhere in Spain by the end of the year.

In fact, in its desire to equip the country with 5G, the telecom operator Telefónica hopes to cover no less than 75% of the Spanish population by the end of the year.

It must be said that the two partners have already started their tests for a while. In fact, Nokia points out that the historic city of Segovia in central Spain has been equipped with 5G by Telefónica.

To achieve this, the operator with Nokia has equipped its network with its AirScale Radio Access devices. It is a scalable solution that Nokia offers to its telecom operator customers.

To re-read: Nokia will be able to count on Intel for its 5G solutions.

With this new partnership for the deployment of 5G in Spain, Nokia is further strengthening its presence in Europe. In addition, on this occasion, Nokia reminds us that the company currently has more than 150 outstanding commercial, 5G solutions, software and services commitments.

Tommi Uitto, President, Mobile Networks, Nokia said:

“We look forward to expanding our long-standing relationship with Telefónica into the 5G era and introducing a range of compelling new services across Spain. We will help Telefónica to execute its strategy and deliver compelling and transformative experiences, using Nokia 5G solutions for businesses and consumers.

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