The United States relaunched their ambition to conquer space by aiming for a permanent installation on the Moon by 2030. To achieve this, several missions will prepare the ground upstream and this from 2024, when NASA should again place a human on the satellite, for the first time since 1972. Among these preparations, Nokia was selected by NASA to deploy a 4G network there.

Nokia to install 4G network on the Moon on behalf - Nokia to install 4G network on the Moon on behalf of NASA - MacGeneration
Base image: NASA / JSC

Nokia will create a lunar array for $ 14.1 million, consisting of a system of compact antennas, very energy efficient and reinforced to withstand the vacuum of space. The equipment will be installed before the arrival of the first men, with a small space vehicle created especially for the occasion and which will be controlled from Earth. Each element should then be able to start and configure itself. If all goes well, it should be done at the end of 2022.

But in fact, why install 4G on the Moon? To allow astronauts and equipment to communicate faster than with the standards used up to now. The network will also allow coverage of greater distances, although Nokia has yet to release a coverage map.

However, the company has already planned to upgrade its network to 5G, which will come in handy when elevators are installed on the moon.