Nokia, with its eco-responsibility policy, goes completely against the trend, initiated by the behemoths of the smartphone industry such as Samsung and Apple. Namely, no longer encouraging users to regularly change mobile. But to follow this movement (for consumers), manufacturers still need to offer their customers reliable, enduring phones. Well, the Finnish brand is committed to it …

Nokia going against the grain, for the good of the planet

Safe, durable smartphones, to allow its customers to keep their smartphones longer, this is the policy now displayed by HMD Global alias Nokia. And it was during the presentation of six new models that the interested party insisted on this more ecological theme. Here are the details related to these 6 new models, followed by the reactions of the executives.

  • X series with Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 – premium quality and experiences
    intuitive, with a three-year warranty and a 100% compostable shell to protect it
    accidental falls
  • G series with the Nokia G20 and Nokia G10 – innovative features in one design
    solid and reassuring Nordic, with the longest battery life ever on
    a nokia phone
  • C series with the Nokia C10 and Nokia C20 – essential smartphones to keep
    many years thanks to their reliability

Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, comments: “ This day is more important than just launching
product. The last 12 months have undoubtedly been difficult, but they have also given us the opportunity
to take a break, reflect and prepare for the next big step for our start-up. As
as a Finnish company, our approach to technology and business is people-centered, which is
reflected in this new range of smartphones. We want users to like their
phone. The new launch of HMD Mobile – an important step for our ambition to become
a global mobile provider – amplifies that will, and this is just the beginning. We want the
users trust that we put safety at the heart of everything we do. The
Nokia smartphones come with security and software updates for greater
peace of mind. Finally, we want people to keep their phones for longer thanks to
to their characteristics that make them durable. “

Nokia presents 6 new mobiles and encourages eco responsibility The - Nokia presents 6 new mobiles and encourages eco-responsibility!  - The High Tech Games Mag

Stephen Taylor, CMO at HMD Global, adds: “ In the eyes of our team, the thought is to create
valuable experiences for all. Millions of users rely on their Nokia phones for
their daily needs in terms of connectivity, financial transactions and creativity.
We want users to trust their phone. This is why our offer of
state-of-the-art safety extends to the X, G and C series – because all users deserve to feel safe.
security. We want them to keep their phones for longer. These products are designed for
last (inside and out), thanks to our promises of updates and increased longevity
superior. Finally, we want them to continue to love their phone. So the X series allows us
to offer the advantages of our high-end partnerships with Qualcomm and ZEISS Optics. Find
the perfect balance of functionality and affordability is the goal of the G-series.
it strives to introduce very great technologies on an entry-level smartphone. I am
proud of the niche we have created in this extremely competitive market. “

Hopefully all other manufacturers follow suit, quickly.

Prices and availability
– The Nokia X20 will be available from May in the colors Sand and Nordic Blue in
the 8/128 GB configuration from € 419.90
– The Nokia X10 will be available from the end of May in the colors Green and White and in the
6/64 GB configuration from € 339.90
– The Nokia G20 will be available from May in the colors Midnight Blue and Silver in the
4/64 GB configuration from € 189.90
– The Nokia G10 will be available from May in the Midnight Blue and Purple colors in configuration
3/32 GB from € 159.90
– The Nokia C20 will not be launched on the French market
– The Nokia C10 will not be launched on the French market
– The Nokia Lite headsets (BH205) will be available mid-April in the Polar Ocean colors and
Coal. Price to come.
– Launch of HMD Mobile in the United Kingdom at the end of April, worldwide deployment planned. Available at
purchase directly from