Could we let James Bond use a dated smartphone? Obviously not, Nokia having paid dearly to see its terminals appear in the next film featuring Agent 007. So we bring out the cameras.

A promotional clip was shot with actress Lashana Lynch for the launch of the product placement campaign.

Product placements are legion in movies and TV shows. For studios, they make it possible to amortize certain costs inherent in filming. The brands themselves gain generally very positive visibility for their products. Finland’s Nokia is used to this kind of contract. We all remember wanting the same sliding clamshell cell phone as Matrix hero Neo (yes, remember, the Nokia 8110 nicknamed “the banana”).

A similar deal was made by HMD Global, current operator of the Nokia brand in the smartphone market, for the upcoming James Bond film: Die can wait. For his last appearance as Agent 007, Daniel Craig – like other characters in the film – uses a Nokia phone. Big problem, the brand has paid dearly for one of its flagship phones to be seen on screen by millions of spectators, but the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing cinema operators to keep doors closed.

Scenes to flip for business partners

In this context, the film’s release has been postponed several times (it was originally scheduled to take place in April 2020). However, in the high-tech market, things are going very quickly and the phone used by Bond will no longer be the flagship of the brand when the screening of the film begins (October 8, 2021 if all goes well). Nokia thus asked the production of the film to find a solution, and it was decided to return certain scenes with a new telephone corresponding better to the communication plan of HMD Global. These scenes should be re-filmed in the coming days. There is no question of letting James Bond save the world with a mid-range phone, namely a Nokia 8.3 5G which will have been replaced by the end of the year according to the information we have.

Note that Nokia is not the only brand to have found itself in this position. Omega, which supplies the watch used by the British secret agent, as well as Adidas have also asked the production to rework certain scenes to update the product placements.