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Coming from the Nozay site (Essonne), most of the demonstrators carried signs painted the same blue as the Nokia logo and depicting the silhouettes of women and men, on which were inscribed numbers – 519, 894 … 1.233 – designating the number of jobs targeted by the restructuring unveiled at the end of June.

The management of the telecoms equipment manufacturer then announced its plan to cut 402 positions next year in Lannion (Côtes-d'Armor) and 831 in Nozay as part of a voluntary departure plan and with "reclassification solutions ".

"French jobs matter"

Behind a banner proclaiming in English "Nokia, French jobs matter, cancel layoff "("Nokia, French jobs matter, cancel layoffs"), the employees marched masked from the Place de la République in Bercy, where a delegation of the inter-union CFDT, CGT, CFE-CGC and CFTC was received."Nokia, your plan, we don't want it","jobs in France yes, outsourcing no", said at the microphone a CFDT activist, on the route of the demonstration.

During an interview in Bercy with the chief of staff of the Minister for Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the delegation learned that Nokia could announce "in 15 days of inflections"to his plan of job cuts"or around"of his project, told AFP Olivier Marcé of the CFE-CGC, at the end of this meeting.

"The idea would be that Nokia installs new activities of the future", in terms of "research and development, 5G or cybersecurity", he added.

Lay off in full launch of 5G

The delegation stressed to Bercy that "one of the important points of attention is the Lannion site, it is really crucial, beyond the skills that we could lose in FranceAccording to the initial plan, this site is to lose more than half of its jobs.

Among the demonstrators, Corine Le Mouël, a 54-year-old telecoms engineer, "does not understand" this plan which "launches people in the midst of the launch of 5G, a technology of the future". In Nozay, "we already have resignations, about thirty," she told AFP. "Employees do not even wait for the plan to leave, they go to competitors, telecom operators. There is a fed up. And for those who stay, how will it be?"

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