Nokia chooses Google for its IT infrastructure

(Paris) The Finnish telecoms equipment maker Nokia announced Wednesday “a five-year strategic collaboration” with Google to migrate its data centers and servers around the world to the giant's “cloud” (remote computing) infrastructure American.

France Media Agency

This partnership, which comes in the midst of the deployment of 5G mobile technology in Europe, should serve to "transform Nokia's digital infrastructure," the Finnish group said in a statement.

The agreement between Nokia and Google joins the long list of signatures of major “cloud” contracts between large groups or European institutions and American IT giants: Google Cloud has for example signed with Renault and Orange, Amazon Web Services with Volkswagen , or Microsoft with the French Ministry of Health.

The German and French governments announced last June the “Gaia X” project, to bring out a sovereign European offer in a context of trade and technological war between the United States and China.

Nokia and its two main competitors, Ericsson and Huawei, share 80% of the 5G commercial telecom networks in the world. But the Chinese group is considered to be the most advanced supplier in this field, despite the restrictions it faces in Europe and the United States.

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