Nokia 7.3 to launch on September 22, rumored Nokia 9.3 probably not ready yet – Reuters

The wait continues – a leaker claims the Nokia 7.3 will arrive later this month and the flagship Nokia 9.3 is unlikely to launch alongside it (instead, it will arrive by the end). of the year).

As proof of these claims, the leakster points out that the Nokia 7.2 (announced last September) is being shut down.

Indeed, Nokia online stores in Germany, France, Spain, Finland, India and other countries say the product is no longer available. It is available in the UK (of course that may change in a day or two). And you can still find it at third-party retailers.

The Nokia 7.3 will allegedly launch on September 22. A rumor from a few days ago claims that HMD will unveil several new models on the 22nd – possibly the ones that were originally announced for IFA, including the 7.3 as well as the 6.3, 3.4 and 2.4.

The Nokia 9.3 PureView, which has experienced numerous delays, is still not ready for launch. Recent rumors claim it hasn't even gone into mass production yet, which is expected to happen this month or October. So at best, we could see a teaser for this in Event 7.3.

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