Nokia 7.2 faces readability issues with the SD card; The problem to solve –

Launched in October 2019, Nokia 7.2 turned out, at first glance, to be one of the most efficient Android smartphones at an affordable price. In fact, it was one of the best smartphones available on the market under Rs. 20,000.

Just when things were going well, support from the Nokia community ran into problems on the user side, and the discussion board and support from the Nokia community did not respond immediately to the problems.

The problem that entered community support was that of the SD card problem. One of the users of Nokia 7.2 complained of not being able to open his gallery or we can say Photos and videos on the phone after inserting the SD card. The files on the complainant's phone are most likely corrupt, and no third-party application can open them; even sending them seems to be in vain because the photos did not open even in Gmail.

Another issue with the photo fiasco is that photos taken on the mobile camera are not uploaded to the Google cloud.

Nokia has not resolved this particular issue yet, but there appear to be issues with the SD card or Nokia 7.2 has a readability issue with the SD card. It seems unlikely that the card itself will be corrupted since it was formatted and used before in Nokia 4.2. Even restoring the smartphone to its factory settings didn't seem to help. This is most likely a developer bug issue as the Nokia Lumia 625 had encountered a similar issue and the issue was resolved after the software update.

Another problem with the SD card is that the card itself prevents music from playing.

According to Nokia support, "At the moment, we don't have information on when you can use it internally, however, you can transfer all multimedia with the steps from the last email in order to get more storage, however, the best way for your SD to work properly with the phone at the moment is also portable, and this is to prevent apps from crashing. "

Nokia has apparently taken this problem into account and is trying to resolve it.

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