noise cancellation is coming to Android and iOS

The Android and iOS versions of Google Meet finally welcome the suppression of ambient noise. However, this popular feature will not be available to everyone immediately. In fact, only G Suite subscribers will be able to use it.

google meet annulation bruit - noise cancellation is coming to Android and iOS
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Google Meet continues to improve and acquire new features. After the announcement of new customization options for the background, subtitling or low light mode, Google confirmed this Tuesday, September 29 the arrival of a popular feature on Android and iOS versions videoconferencing service.

After integrating noise cancellation on the Web version of Google Meet, this feature is available on our Android smartphones and our iPhones. So the tips for soundproofing your bedroom or office with whatever means are available, all surrounding parasitic noise is directly suppressed via rather effective software processing, as shown in the video below.

As a reminder, this function is based on an artificial intelligence capable of differentiate and isolate unwanted noise and your voice. This AI is constantly improving thanks to machine learning and has already trained on millions of YouTube videos and hours of internal video conferencing at Google.

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In fact, the fingers on the keyboard, the barking of the dog, the howling of the children, it is old history. Note that noise cancellation is not enabled by default, and that it will be necessary to go to the parameters during a call to launch it.

Unfortunately, this rather useful feature will not be accessible to everyone. Indeed, the Mountain View firm has confirmed that this function was initially reserved for G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education account holders. Google here would like to thank the companies and universities, schools, colleges and high schools that have chosen to subscribe to G Suite rather than opting for a free competing service like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

At this time, it is not known when this feature will be available to the general public. If you're a G Suite subscriber and can't access surrounding noise cancellation, that's okay. Google is gradually rolling out the update that incorporates this feature. You just have to wait a few days before you can enjoy it.

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