no more bugs, the stable version is available

The stable version of Android 11 officially debuts. Google takes the opportunity to take a quick look at the important new features of this update.

- no more bugs, the stable version is available

The stable version of Android 11 was officially announced by Google on September 8 // Source: Frandroid

The development of Android 11 has experienced some upheaval due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, but also following the tense social climate in the United States. However, Google wasn't really late in the end. It's Tuesday, September 8, 2020 and the stable version of the new version of the mobile OS is officially deployed on compatible smartphones.

The opportunity to take stock of the new features put forward by the Mountain View firm on Android 11. This year, the focus was on improving notifications, controlling connected objects and protecting the Internet. private life.

Bubble notifications are here

As we said, Android 11 intends to change the way our smartphone displays incoming messages. Thus, your alerts from your various messaging applications will now be stored in a dedicated section in the notifications pane, so that you can more easily and efficiently manage them. You can highlight notifications from people who are particularly close to you by saving them in your favorites.

- no more bugs, the stable version is available

The Android 11 logo // Source: Frandroid

Above all, Android 11 signals the advent of bubble notifications. Google wants to make it so that you can reply to your various conversations without having to open your messaging apps, much like Facebook Messenger already does.

On another point, but always with a view to making it easier to use, Android 11 finally includes a native screen recorder. A feature that many manufacturer interfaces have been offering for a long time. For sound recording, rest assured: you can choose the source you want between the microphone of the smartphone, the audio of the media consulted or both.

The smartphone controls everything

On this new version of the Google OS, a long press on the unlock button will access a page showing all the devices connected to your smartphone, no need to open several applications. Sound control has also been improved to allow you to switch between streaming music from your Bluetooth headphones to your speaker with one click.

In addition, Android Auto now works wirelessly with compatible cars. This was previously reserved for only a small handful of smartphones until now. From now on, you will need "just" a phone running Android 11 and working with 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Manage your privacy better on Android 11

Android 11 also aims to give you more control over the permissions you give to your apps. So if a service requires access to your microphone, camera, or location, you can arrange to grant that permission for one-time use only. Next time, if that same app needs the same permission again, it will have to ask for it again.

Also, if you haven't opened an app for a long time, Android will reset its permissions so that it doesn't continue to access personal data when you are no longer using it.

Finally, the Mountain View firm claims that the Google Play update modules have been improved to facilitate the deployment of security patches. In other words, you'll receive security patches as easily as you update your apps, all from the Play Store.

Google Pixel smartphones served first

As is often the case, Google Pixels will taste features before devices from other brands. Suggesting apps becomes a little smarter based on your daily habits, so it will offer different apps depending on the time of day.

- no more bugs, the stable version is available

The front of the Google Pixel 4a // Source: Frandroid

Smart Answers are also making their way to the Pixel keyboard so users always have less effort to do. Finally, application folders are easier to name since the Pixel will suggest a title for you based on the services you store in them.

Smartphones that will taste Android 11

All Google Pixels except the first generation will receive Android 11. At their side are also a few smartphones OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme.

Find the complete list of devices affected by the deployment of Android 11 by clicking here.

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