After a particularly difficult year, the much-deserved and long-awaited vacation is finally here. Many families with children are organizing their vacations to the beach, the countryside or the mountains, and although it may be believed that with small children you do not get enough rest, We will give you some keys to enjoy family vacations and that all members of the family rest from the routine and have a great time.

The motto of the holidays is that everyone can relax and enjoy, both adults and children. If parents are all the time stressed by their children, we end up having a bad time for each other.

Therefore, taking into account some simple recommendations we can face the family vacation with positive attitude so that everyone can enjoy the well-deserved rest.

My seven tips for traveling with children and enjoying an unforgettable vacation

Choose the most suitable site

The main thing is to choose the most suitable place to go on vacation with young children. Whichever destination we choose, and whether we are staying in a hotel, an aparthotel, a cruise ship or a house, it is essential that it has facilities and entertainment options for children.

Beach or mountain? There are those who love the beach, but with very young babies they prefer to avoid it and spend a year in the mountains, or on the contrary adventurers who with a baby of a few months go anywhere. You will have to assess the possibilities, but now that you are parents taking into account the well-being of the baby.

Homework for the summer that all children should do during this vacation

Make sure that everyone can enjoy the leisure activities that they most want. Games for the little ones, spa, sports, sunbathing or whatever each one prefers.

The fact that each member of the family enjoy what they like to do the most It helps both mom, dad and the children to have their own relaxation space and then fully enjoy shared family activities.

Enjoy with family


Have fun with the family is the goal of the holidays. Activities carried out together like going to the beach, going on a hike in the mountains or just playing with a ball or having an ice cream, no matter what, but together. Family time shared enriches the family relationship and fosters the affective bond between family members.

Have free time to spend with the children without any conditions it is a luxury that must be taken advantage of. Unfortunately, during the rest of the year it is not very frequent.

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Other children

Be sure to that there are other children about the same age as ours to play. It is not necessary to ask for a list of people staying at the hotel, just have a little tact when choosing the place.

A hotel for couples is not the most suitable option, nor is a town with few inhabitants lost in the middle of the mountains. On a family beach, for example, it is more likely to meet other children, although this year it will be necessary to be especially careful with safety measures to avoid contagion.


Security is a very important aspect to take into account when we leave family vacations. Whether we go to a hotel, camping or wherever, it probably has a pool. We must inform ourselves in advance of the security measures, if it is fenced, if it is closed at night, if there is a children’s pool, if it has stairs, everything we need to know to avoid risks. Once there, we must bear in mind at all times the precautions when going to the pool with small children.

Likewise, if you go to the beach, do not forget to find some way to identify the little one with a bracelet or pendant bearing his name and your mobile number in case he could get lost.

Rest for all

In the years when children are young, it may not be the time to take marathon trips and travel five cities in ten days. It is more advisable to make more relaxed trips with longer stays in one place, without having to travel too many kilometers in a few days.

For children it is not a plan to spend all day traveling from here to there. We may know many cities but we will all return tired with the feeling of not having relaxed.


It is preferable to know in advance that where we go we have everything necessary for feeding the baby or children. Food is a topic that tends to overwhelm us parents a lot (will I have where to heat the food? Where to refrigerate the yogurts?). It is not necessary to resign a trip, much less, it is enough to organize and be practical.

So with young children the most recommended are the apartment-type hotels They have a refrigerator and kitchen to prepare what you need.

No schedules


Don’t get overwhelmed with strict schedules or routines. And when I say do not overwhelm I mean not to burden the children either. Nothing happens if one day they eat later, do not bathe or go to bed later.

Not doing everything as it should or when it is due is also part of a pleasant vacation.

Activities and games to promote autonomy and learning in children during the summer holidays

Be flexible

Just as with regard to schedules and routines, we will all enjoy more if we go back more flexible to the wishes of others. I am not saying that we should allow all the whims of children, but we should be a little less strict when negotiating, allowing them to indulge in some tastes that we do not allow during the year.

If we are marking them during all the holidays what they should do without going out of line, what a vacation roll for the little ones. Let’s go psyched to give them more likes and be willing to change plans.

Positive attitude

Optimism is contagious. If we leave the burden, stress, unnecessary scolding, we will contribute to creating a better family environment, it will be easier for everyone to coexist, and most importantly, we will all enjoy some pleasant family vacations.

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