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In the night from Thursday to Friday, driving an Audi A6 without a license and under the influence of narcotics.

It is in the Pont-de-justice sector that the Nîmes police officers tried to control a young man driving an Audi A6 on the night of Thursday to Friday. But the driver, in the sight of the officials, would have tried to escape by forcing the barrier just installed. The police allegedly tried to throw a harrow to stop the vehicle from running. The driver would have found himself stuck and would have engaged the reverse gear to free himself even if it means risking injuring the officials; one of them should have fallen to the ground to avoid the path of the vehicle. The driver was finally arrested and taken into police custody for driving without a license and under the influence of drugs, violence against the police and refusal to comply. He may have to explain himself Tuesday at an immediate appearance hearing.