Nike vs Adidas is the story of a merciless battle in which the comma and the three-band mark are engaged. Especially around … basketball! From today, and every Monday until December 2, Capital will tell, in the podcast "Business Wars", the backstage of this battle that is played around a sports shoe for several decades.

The star products of this match? The Stan Smith created fifty years ago by Adidas and today carried by 10% of the French. Opposite, the Nike Air Force One, launched in 1982, declined in 2000 colors and ranked in the top 10 pairs the most sold in 2018 in the world. Both models of basketball are at the heart of a trade war between the two brands in a global market estimated at 220 billion dollars in 2020, double the GDP of a country like Ukraine.

And to become or remain the leader of basketball around the globe, Adidas and Nike do not hesitate to dispute the sponsorship of the most famous personalities. As in 2015, when rapper Kayne West suddenly breaks his contract with Nike to launch a new line of sneakers with Adidas. Each of the two brands knows how beneficial these associations are to their sales. Sprinter and Olympic champion Jessie Owens for the three-band mark, and basketball player Michael Jordan for the comma also embody the clash.

The founder of Nike Philip Knight is certainly certain: "In the end, it is always the one who is not afraid to lose who wins".