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Posted on November 07, 2019 at 10:34

by BenMorin

With the arrival of the cold season, the firm Swoosh think to adapt his flagship models of sneakers. Including the unstoppable Air Max 720, renamed for the occasion Air Max 720 Horizon.

Nike dresses his Air Max 720 for the winter PHOTOS - Nike dresses his Air Max 720 for the winter [PHOTOS] - Booska-p

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An Air Max 720 warmed up for the occasion

Nike anticipates future thermometer drops, and unveils a heated version of its Air Max 720. Taking advantage of the use of GORE-TEX, this waterproof membrane ensuring you to stay dry feet, the sneaker was seen in its draft Air Max 720 Horizon declined in no less than 3 colors. Each of them will be responsible for recalling the transitions seen at the top of Mount Hood, between the first hours of the day and dusk. It's almost poetic, and it confirms Nike's desire to highlight the highest peak in Oregon, visible from Portland and Vancouver. Close this geographical bracket to evoke an indoor bootie also equipped for the winter season. In short, with this Air Max, you are sure to spend the next few months with your feet warm.

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Is the Air Max going too far?

Regarding the price of this pair, know that you will have to pay 240 euros to offer you one of the 3 declensions, brought to shades of black, white or blue. The last word will go to Nike, who asks: "is the Air Max going too far?", before concluding "we hope". Superstar from the Nike range, this Air Max 720 continues to be declined. In recent weeks, it has been evoked through OBJ models "Young King of the Night", Nike x UNDERCOVER, D / MS / X or Waves. To believe that even for the most savvy and wealthy sneakerheads, it all starts to become difficult to follow!

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