Nike announces the release of its model Nike React Infinity Run, intended to avoid injuries of the runner. –

Nike announces the release of a running shoe, intended for amateur athletes, which is designed to minimize injuries. It is based on very soft and consistent cushioning and increased stability. We will test it soon.

  • The new Nike React Infinity Run has been designed to help reduce race-related injuries.
  • An innovation to allow the rider less injury and allow it to be always faster.
  • Unmatched expertise from Nike Running to treat running injuries. This shoe is the most tested by our athletes.
  • Some details on the new Nike React Infinity Run


    More Nike React Foam for optimal cushioning, soft, bounding and durable.

    Curved shape

    The midsole is designed to propel you through a smooth kick. Inspired by the Vaporfly.

    Nike Flyknit Loft

    The new Nike Flyknit Loft fabric is lightweight and breathable yet more durable and durable.

    High stability

    Although motion control shoes work and may prevent the runner from pronouncing too much, it has not been formally said that pronation actually causes injury. The sole is therefore wider and designed for better stability. The cushioning is also more important.

    It will be available in January.

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